E-commerce Challenge: Reducing Customer Service Workload

With the ever-growing demands for e-commerce, online commerce businesses find themselves dealing with increased customer challenges. Consequently, customer service teams are overwhelmed, leading to additional costs that can harm your business. In this article, we shall explore how this increasing workload can affect both businesses and customers, and find solutions together to reduce negative impacts and improve customer experience.

Customer service workload: A growing issue for E-commerce

Customer service workload

Order tracking stands out as a primary concern for e-commerce customers, who seek real-time updates, delivery estimates, and the ability to track their packages every step of the way.

However, meeting these demands often leads to a substantial workload for customer service teams. Managing numerous order tracking requests simultaneously requires significant effort, involving tracking several carrier sites and investing considerable time in tasks that offer minimal value to the business.

This overload can lead to a lack of information about the order status and therefore, poor customer experience. Such shortcomings may contribute to negative reviews and drive customers to other websites. It becomes imperative to find solutions that alleviate this workload and ensure the satisfaction of the entire customer base.

Financial Implications for Businesses

The additional cost of after-sales service poses a real challenge for e-commerce businesses, translating into financial losses and potentially a bad e-reputation.

Moreover, costs associated with claims management related to order tracking can cause a further decrease in profits. Poor handling of order tracking requests can lead to a bad reputation among your customers, potentially pushing them towards competitiors.

Thankfully, viable solutions exist, ranging from process management improvements to task automation and efficient communication with customers.

Boxia: Send Custom Notifications to Your Customers

It’s time to ease the burden on your customer service and enhance customer satisfaction with tailored solutions aligned with your business goals.

During package delivery, customers receive personalized messages that keep them informed about deliveries and potential delays. Reassured and informed, customers can patiently await their parcels without having to rely on customer service. Less customer service workload allows your team to focus on more important actions that genuinely add value to your business.
And good news: our solution is available in several langages to ensure a quality post-purchase experience to all your customers.

Give your Clients Full Autonomy

Boxia helps to increase customer satisfaction and foster long-term loyalty. If customer service is overwhelmed by package tracking requests, clients don’t enjoy asking for information about their order. These contacts with your customer service are often perceived as a waste of time.

Our solution allows customers to take control of tracking their orders autonomously. This approach leads to a higher repurchase rate, as satisfied customers naturally gravitate towards repeat business.

Make sure your customers remember you with custom-designed SMS tracking and emails to keep in touch with them throughout their post-purchase experience.

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