Expert Tips to Improve Customer Service and Stop Wasting Time

Efficient customer service is a key to the success of any e-commerce venture. However, when it comes to order tracking, customer service can often fall short, leading to delays and errors that frustrate customers and tarnish your brand’s image. In this article, we’ll look into the reasons behind inefficient order tracking and provide practical solutions to improve customer service.

Root Causes of Customer Service Inefficiency

A major contributing factor is the lack of centralized data. When delivery information is scattered across various systems or databases, retrieving it quickly becomes a challenge for your customer service team.

Inadequate or outdated tools for searching delivery information also play a role in exacerbating the inefficiency of customer service.

Additionally, the time-consuming process of connecting to different carrier sites for delivery information delays productivity and affects other daily tasks.

Consequences of Inefficient Customer Service

Business impact

Inefficient customer service can have significant consequences for your company.

  • First and foremost, it can lead to customer loss. Dissatisfied consumers may decide to make their purchases from your competitors.
  • Then there’s the risk of developing a bad reputation. Unhappy customers may share their negative experiences on review platforms.

Customer impact

Faced with inefficient customer service, your customers become irritated, lose patience, and have a negative experience.

  • Poor communication can also be an issue: your customers may feel ignored or poorly informed.
  • Reliability issues with tracking information provided by carriers can cause confusion among your customers.

Upgrade your Operational Systems

Rest assured, several operational solutions can address inefficient customer service, including centralizing data, automating processes, training staff, and implementing real-time tracking systems.

  • Centralizing data enables faster and more efficient searches for delivery information.
  • Automating processes reduces repetitive and tedious tasks, freeing up more time to focus on more important tasks.
  • Training staff members will give them with the skills and knowledge required to use tools and systems effectively.
  • Real-time tracking systems helps customer service to track deliveries in real-time and provide updated information to customers.

Improve Customer Service with Boxia

Working with different carriers means dealing with different tracking systems, which can make it challenging for e-commerces to communicate information clearly to the customer. That’s where we come in ! Boxia features an intuitive platform where all essential information is available and accessible in the same place.

Boxia effectively addresses the challenge of shipment tracking quality with a solution that centralizes shipment tracking on a single platform, saving time and increasing productivity for your customer service team. The dashboard provides real-time details such as tracking number, delivery stage, and carrier name. Boxia will also provide you with real time data and let you know immediately if there is an incident or delay with your deliveries.

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