Boxia: Industry Expert shaping the future of E-commerce

Over the past few years, the University of Paris Dauphine has been running a certificate program in E-commerce Supply Chain. Aligned with the university’s Master degree in International Supply Chain, this certificate is designed for executives with logistics experience who wish to develop their skills and prepare for the future of e-commerce. The program’s academic leaders regularly invite industry experts as guest speakers.

Since 2020, Boxia has been an official partner of this certificate program, sharing our expertise in logistics, e-commerce, and customer relations with the students. Explore the exciting journey offered by the University of Paris Dauphine and witness how Boxia establishes itself as a key ally, addressing the challenges faced by e-commerce professionals.

The future of E-commerce at Paris Dauphine

The “E-commerce Supply Chain » training course at the University of Paris Dauphine is a training course designed to provide executives with the necessary skills to effectively manage online supply chains. This course is designed specifically for industry professionals seeking a competitive edge in this ever-evolving field.

Participants learn key concepts of e-commerce supply chain, including product demand planning, supplier relationship management, inventory management, logistics, and supply chain management. The training also covers sessions on current e-commerce trends such as online selling, marketplaces, social networks, and ecological aspects.

Students have the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge through projects and case studies. They also benefit from the experience of industry professionals who share their expertise as guest speakers! These engaging workshops and classes are overseen by the academic professor, Emmanuel Giraud.

The advantages of Boxia’s Delivery Tracking

Delivery tracking often creates challenges for online stores. Boxia offers a solution to overcome these challenges.

  • Businesses waste precious time looking for order tracking information (entering numbers, checking status, etc.). Boxia’s tracking solution will boost productivity and save time!
  • Customer service teams are overwhelmed with delivery-related inquiries. Our solutions dramatically reduce calls and emails on a daily basis.
  • Don’t underestimate the impact that tracking issues can have on your brand image. Addressing order tracking issues with Boxia’s proactive solutions will show your customers that you genuinely care about their feedback.
  • What is more, this negative brand image, can potentially lead you to lose customers. After all, consumers will always opt for an e-commerce site that offers better tracking options.
  • The solution is simple: tackle these problems head-on. Follow our advice, and you’ll not only boost customer satisfaction but also generate long-term loyalty.

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