Why, when, and how to upgrade your e-commerce platform in 2023!

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A good website is designed to evolve and update over time. Designs, technologies and consumer expectations are constantly changing, so it may require a fresh look. This logic applies to both classic websites and the platform that hosts your e-commerce site. So, how can you change platforms? What do you need to do? Here’s our advice.

Why change your e-commerce platform?

If you’re facing technical difficulties with slow loading pages and outdated content you may feel the urge to change your host provider entirely. However, this is not necessarily the most cost-effective option: you will lose time and money.

Instead, take a closer look at the customer feedback and your own analysis. For example, if you have a high rebound rate, you can assume that your clients are not satisfied.

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There are other signs that indicate the need for a new platform:

  • Your website doesn’t highlight call to action buttons ;
  • You can’t check order details and status;
  • You can’t view order history.

Not only should your website user efficient and well-designed, it must also offer easy and simple solutions to make quick updates. Creating a homepage, adding new products, and changing prices are simple actions that should be made easy by your platform.

When should you switch your e-commerce platform?

Is this technical upgrade part of an overall digital transformation, or is it an independent effort? Define a timeline according to that answer but keep in mind that this kind of action takes time and requires a lot of preparation.

If you are tight on time, opt for solutions with open source code. You will have greater choice of themes, widgets or extensions.

Take the time to plan everything carefully. Write down in one document how your data flows on the platform you are currently using, and how it will flow once the switch is effective.

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How can I switch platforms safely?

It is possible to set up a 100% customized platform but this requires coding knowledge or the help of a professional expert. Should you have this then you can create the website you’ve always dreamed of.

Buying a software license from a supplier means that you have less scope for customization and have to install the software yourself.

The third option is a hybrid approach that will offer both a professional and flexible solution to your e-commerce needs.

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