The best tips for writing a great product sheet

Writing a product sheet is an important part of marketing. The competition online is so fierce that e-commerce sites must find a way to grab the customer’s attention. Writing an effective product sheet can help do this, especially as this element is often overlooked. Stay with us to find out more…

Find a catchy title!

The product sheet title is the first element that attracts attention. Be direct, precise and make sure to highlight the main features of the product. A potential customer should immediately know that this product is the answer to his search. This makes the customer to be more likely to click on the pictures or read the description. Be original and creative!

Focus on key arguments

Writing an effective product sheet also means focusing on the key arguments. Your aim is to make the customer is aware of the product’s key features, and therefore of their future satisfaction in using it.

Make sure that every piece of information is useful. Set the tone and get to the point. Try to be as comprehensive as possible, and add keywords in bold for a more eye-catching effect. Useful and personalised content ensures that the product sheet is attractive.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes

Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes is a great strategy to understand what customers want. But it’s not enough! The most important part is making sure you add that little something extra that sets you apart for everyone else. But how? Through the magic of words. Words have undeniable power and you must this to your advantage. For example, imagine how a customer would describe a product and use those word to create your pitch.

And if you can’t get inspired then take a look at what your competitors are doing. This will give you ideas for word structures and catchphrases that will make someone want to buy. The idea is to sell them the dream so get inspired and get creative!

Optimise your web page

Good optimisation starts with a clear layout. This allows the consumer to read the website easily, to understand what you are about and to quickly find the information they’re looking for.

As for the SEO, you must make sure that the product sheets contain keywords in relation to the product. It’s also important to rename image files and fill in the Alt tag.

To sum up

A powerful product sheet needs to catchy title that focuses on the product’s key points. Understanding the customer and optimising your web page will also offer great results.

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