Great ideas to improve customer loyalty during the Christmas period

Running an e-commerce business is no easy task. It’s important to show creativity, originality and strategy in order to perpetuate your business and improve customer loyalty. But why is improving customer loyalty an important strategy for promoting your e-commerce? And why is it of such importance to do so during the Christmas period?

A loyal customer is a customer who is satisfied with your services and immediately thinks of your brand the next time he wishes to make another purchase of the same product/service. Through them, you contribute to the development of your company’s activity, the improvement of your brand image etc.

Customer loyalty is an essential part of any e-commerce. Readjusting your customer loyalty policy is especially important to make sure that your clients aren’t tired of your products/services and that they always find answers to their questions on your e-commerce site. Find out why it’s important to improve customer loyalty, and above all what strategies you should adopt to do so, especially during the holiday season.

Why should you improve customer loyalty?

Buying campaigns to recruit new prospects in order to develop a customer portfolio and improve customer loyalty is common procedure. Although this is a widespread marketing strategy with great results, you shouldn’t neglect your other customers who’ve been loyal from the beginning. Recruitment campaigns are usually very expensive and offer an uncertain success rate. On the other hand, loyal customers are a safe value for business. Therefore, it’s important to secure your existing customer database. This is cheaper than acquiring new customers.

How can customer loyalty be improved for the Christmas period?

Invite a friend

Promote customer loyalty with a simple yet effective reference program. Not only will this encourage them to stay longer on your website but it lets consumers contribute to developing your customer portfolio. They will recommend your products and/or services to friends and family in exchange for a reward, for example a discount or gift voucher.

Big brands also like to reward customers for each friend they refer to with a fancy welcome gift.

Purchasing services

Alternatively you can reward customers by setting up a discount policy after a certain number of purchases. For example you can place an advertisement and offer a 15 to 25% discount to customers after their 5th purchase on your website. This type of discount is always a winner as it only represents a small part of your turnover.

In the long term, you will even see a clear increase in your profits whilst gaining the appreciation of your customers.

Personalised offers

Establish a special relationship with your loyal customers with personalised offers. Christmas sales are an easy way to build loyalty with a new or existing customer as they are always impressed by commercial gestures. Small gifts, small rewards and attention to detail can make a big difference to their buying behaviour. Maintain a good relationship with your customers and give them fresh news about your new collections, offers and marketing policies, etc. They will feel honoured by your trust and will return the favour.


Alternatively, to improve customer loyalty during the Christmas period, you can also attach great importance to listening to your customers. It’s a good way to keep up with their expectations and anticipate their needs to improve customer satisfaction.

The relationship you establish with your customers will help you offer them the ideal Christmas gift. Not only will your customers be satisfied but you will also push away any competition.


Much the same as listening, sharing is also a very important part of your customer loyalty policy. Consumers need to be taken seriously and require special attention. For example, you can use social networks to strengthen your relationships.

Organise games through these communication channels and make the most of the advantages of social networking, including the reach and speed information. You can also share words of appreciation or thank you notes to encourage customers to follow you online.

What you need to remember!

In order for your customers to follow you everywhere and continue to be loyal, you need to understand that you must implement a good customer loyalty strategy. In this sense, you must base yourself on very specific priorities. You must particularly handle customer behaviour, improving customer knowledge, establishing a long-term relationship of trust, developing customer capital and the culture of brand loyalty.

To help you in this process, you can call upon marketing and e-commerce specialists who have all the necessary skills. They can particularly help you to develop cost-effective strategies for convincing your customers and securing their loyalty. They will also be able to suggest the best e-commerce tools to manage your online business.

With all these tips, you’re bound to see good results.


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