5 tips to avoid shopping cart abandonment

It is well known that the shopping cart abandonment rate is an important indicator for e-commerce sites and can represent a real loss of earnings for companies.

Online merchants dread dealing with the “shopping cart abandonment” issue, yet it can be easily taken care of by following a good purchasing process. Here are our 5 tips to solve this problem and boost your turnover.

1. Make sure a client can purchase without having to create an account

On some e-commerce sites, visitors can only purchase an item if they create a customer account. However, studies show that making a customer create an account is responsible for almost 25% of shopping cart abandonment. Forcing a potential buyer to create an account can discourage them from shopping on the site. It is better off letting the visitor choose whether or not they want to create an account. It’s up to the e-merchant to convince visitors to create account.

2. Make it easy to order and pay

Shopping cart abandonment is sometimes due to a complicated ordering process. Very often online shoppers get bored with a long order tunnel. Keep your visitors engaged until the order is finalised by limiting the information requested as users are reluctant to provide personal information online. Also remember to limit the numer of steps to 5 pages maximum. You can also integrate a progress bar to give the customer better visibility.

3. Offer maximum transparency

Internet users clearly hate unpleasant surprises! That’s why it’s best to be transparent and provide them with all the information that may be of interest during the purchase process. For example, remember to highlight information such as delivery methods, product availability and, above all, the total price to be paid.

4. Offer different payment options

E-shoppers have different expectations when it comes to purchasing online which is why it’s important to offer different payment methods. This will contribute to increasing your conversion rate. While some Internet users only want to use their bank card to pay, others prefer to use cheques or pay by bank transfer. Others of course use online services such as Paypal.

5. Reassure your customer with a parcel tracking service

A customer that is reassured is a customer that is already almost satisfied and therefore almost loyal. Offer a unique shopping experience by giving them the possibility to track their order in real time.

Boxia offers a great tool that informs customers about their delivery status thanks to automatic and personalised notifications. This type of service makes you stand out from competitors and reassures your customers. Without a doubt the best parcel tracking solution for e-commerce !


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