5 essential apps that we love!

essntial apps for your phone

Like you, we use apps every day to make our lives easier. So we’ve decided to share 5 essential apps that we love! Whether it’s online shopping or finding a place to eat out, these apps will change your everyday life!

A great tool for online shopping

1. Shoptimate

Do you spend hours comparing prices before making an online purchase? Save time with the Shoptimate extension, a price comparator that integrates with your browser and finds the best offers amongst hundreds of e-commerce sites (delivery included)!

It’s very simple: once you’ve found your product, a tab will appear at the top of the page and will tell you if this product is cheaper elsewhere 🙂
The best part is that this app will also tell you if any discount coupons are available!

Useful apps for going out

2. Toot Sweet

essential apps for going out

If you often find yourself wondering where to go or what to do in the evening or on the weekend, Toot Sweet has the answer!

Thanks to this app, you’ll get all the info and updates about evening activities that you can enjoy « right now » or in a few hours (cinema, theatre, concerts…). Second place in our list of essential apps, Toot Sweet also makes it easier to buy tickets and even offers deals and discounts now and then. No excuse not go out anymore 🙂

3. Songkick

Do you know when your favorite singer/artist will next be performing in your city? Now you do, thanks to the Songkick app.

This app is GREAT: it’s definitely an essential app for your phone! Just sync your music library (iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, or Soundcloud) and Songkick will notify you as soon as one of your favorite singers is in town. How great is that? All that’s left to do is grab tickets and enjoy the show!

Best apps for public transport

essential apps for public transportation

4. Pocket

If you enjoy reading on-the-go, on the underground for example, then this app is for you! The Pocket app comes in extremely handy when you stumble across great articles but don’t have the time: now you can save them and read them later. Just copy and paste the link, it’s as simple as that! Originally named « Read it Later », this app has a bonus feature that allows you to download articles and read offline!

5. Citymapper

Speaking of public transportation, Citymapper is an essential tool for getting around town. Simple and easy to use, Citymapper calculates the best routes whether you’re on foot, cycling, on the bus, or even taking an Uber. An extra feature also tells you exactly which train platform to get on depending on your exit.


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