The secret to green logistics: 4 proven techniques

green logistics

In 2023, consumers are increasingly aware of environmental values, especially when making an online purchase. Consequently, online businesses are moving towards green logistics and sustainable supply chains. Following these simple guidelines to help reduce your carbon footprint:

Switch to recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging is the first step to Green Logistics. Already a number of companies offer this solution as an innovative and sustainable way of doing business. Generally designed from recyclable materials, sustainable packaging is a great selling point that offers a better customer return rate. Some companies have even introduced a packaging deposit system where customers can return for reuse.

The best part is that recyclable packaging is less expensive and will also improve customer loyalty. Indeed, sustainable e-commerce is setting the trend for a brighter future, a gesture that customers highly appreciate.

Choose eco-friendly delivery partners

Companies must comply with sustainable and eco-friendly practices in order to satisfy customer demand. Delivery options are key to maintaining a low carbon footprint and creating an effective green logistics chain. Therefore, the companies you choose to work should comply with the ADEM charter that promotes the use of non-polluting vehicles.

Furthermore, some delivery companies provide fleets of electric vehicles or offer bicycle delivery in local areas. Either way, working with an eco-friendly partner will help create a sustainable delivery service.

green logistics

Set up a local delivery service

Select a local delivery network with eco-friendly values and efficient green logistics to reduce your carbon footprint. Products travel shorter distances which instantly and effectively reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Switch to local delivery networks or micro-distribution centres and promote decentralised order deliveries that bring you closer to your customers. But don’t forget that these micro networks should be located close to major cities for a quicker delivery service.

Reduce delivery returns

Unfortunately, returns are commonplace in e-commerce and the environmental consequences are undeniable: double the journey, double the carbon footprint. As a result, developing a low return strategy is also part of green logistics and eco-friendly commerce.

Pay extra attention to the shipping address and make sure that customers receive the products in good condition. A warehouse management system is also an interesting idea to invest in a greener supply system.

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