E-commerce: 4 Proven Ideas To Optimise Your Conversion Funnel

Every e-store owner knows that optimising the conversion funnel is a priority. In order for a site to work and meet targets, it must satisfy one absolute purpose: converting visitors into customers and making sure they come back!

However, you must go through a number of steps to get where you want to go. And unfortunately, you can expect anything along the way.

To optimise the conversion funnel, the idea is to ensure that the marketing process is not interrupted. As long as you do things properly, the chances of your customers abandoning their shopping carts are reduced to zero. The problem now lies in how you go about getting through this perilous exercise and maximizing your results. The following tips will help you optimise the customer conversion funnel.

Set up a simple order process

Once your prospects enter the conversion tunnel, try to get to the heart of the matter and make things as simple as possible. Generally speaking, customers prefer a short order process. So keep the process simple, clear, intuitive and short. This saves everybody time. The smaller the buying tunnel, the faster the orders will be completed.
Furthermore, by applying the right rules, you will bring more clarity to the process and create powerful incentives:

  • Only insert information that is useful to you, especially information about the order.
  • Enter this information on a single page (tunnel one page) so that you have better visibility of all the steps.
  • Integrate an order summary (step summaries) to trace the route of your customers and show them the remaining actions to be carried out.
  • Highlight the CTA buttons to move from one stage to another.

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Collect the e-mail address from the outset

Visitors to your site will not necessarily become your customers. But that doesn’t mean they never will. If a prospect abandons his shopping cart at the last minute, you may be able to retrieve them later by collecting their email address. This could be done at the beginning of the ordering process, more precisely when the visitor has to register in order to make a purchase.

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Remove low value-added elements

Low value-added elements are all elements that may drive your prospect away, such as links to another site or secondary information. They can easily distract your prospects and prevent them from getting to the heart of the matter or even from continuing on down the conversion funnel. To counter this, simply remove the traditional header and footer and replace them with non-clickable or process-related elements. This ensures that they remain focused on the order.

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Offer diversified payment methods and efficient e-commerce logistics

Among the reasons why a customer completes a purchase are the multiple payment options and the downstream logistics tools available to them. The needs of each customer are not identical and the e-commerce site must be able to provide answers adapted to them.

It’s necessary to keep your customers constantly reassured by providing quality services that boost their confidence. If you intend to attract the attention of your potential customers, offering different means of payment is a real advantage. Likewise, opting for delivery services of excellent quality is the best way to provide a full service throughout the purchase and delivery process. For example, you can offer your customers the ability to track their parcels in real time.

Thanks to Boxia, the e-commerce parcel tracking specialist, you can peacefully rely on a professional to track your shipments and detect delivery incidents. This choice helps you to improve the efficiency of your supply chain interfaces while focusing on your core business. The strong points of the solution implemented by Boxia can be summed up as follows:

  • a personalised delivery experience for each customer
  • optimal visibility of all your shipments
  • real-time communication with your customers throughout the delivery of the parcels

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