E-commerce: What is the best way to clear unsold stock?

Every year several thousand people eagerly await the sales period in the hope of getting good deals and bargains. E-commerce professionals know that the sales period is the best time to clear unsold stock, but it’s not the only option…

You’ll need to be resourceful to get rid of unsold stock. Why should you clear unsold stock? What options do you have? And how can you meet customer expectations and reassure them during the delivery process? The answers to each of these questions will help you to clear .

The benefits of destocking for e-commerce

For any company selling goods online, stock management represents a major challenge. Satisfying customer demands while keeping storage costs low is the challenge that e-commerce sites have to overcome on a daily basis.

Under-stocking increases the risk that you will not be able to fulfill orders. On the other hand overstocking represents huge costs that should be avoided by all means. This is why it’s worth clearing out your stock regularly. Destocking also offers other economical advantages such as :

  • Space saving: every square metre of space used to store your items must be used efficiently. By disposing of your unsold items, you free up space to store new items. .
  • Stock renewal: with a good stock rotation, you can renew your products regularly. Renewing your stock allows you to compete with other businesses because customers are always looking for new products.

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A few examples of ways to clear out unsold stock

Selling unsold stock can quickly become a real headache for many retailers. However, there are a number of techniques that have already been proven to dispose of your stock, including:

  • Promotions: Whether it’s flash sales, 50% discounts or private sales, each of these techniques can help you enocourage additional sales. Promotional strategies, like flash sales, are an effective way to sell off unsold stock in a short period of time. This techniquealso contributes to generating traffic on your e-commerce site and promoting customer loyalty. .
  • Using targeted and adapted communication techniques: this technique consists of advertising promotional offers to your target customers who are likely to buy your unsold products. Newsletters and social networks (automatic bots) are the most common way to promote these types of offers.
  • Destocking companies: this is an equally effective alternative for selling your unsold stock. The idea is quite simple. Destocking companies take care of selling your unsold stock at a reduced price ranging from -5% to -30% of the normal selling price. In return, the destocking companies will receive a commission of up to 15% on the sales made.

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The Boxia delivery tracking system encourages customer confidence

During the sales and destocking periods, the demand increases and many online businesses find it difficult to keep in touch with their customer. This can lead to a feeling of neglect. At the same time, the company’s image can be tarnished by negative feedback from dissatisfied customers.

To overcome this problem, Boxia offers you innovative solutions thanks to its delivery tracking service and real-time notifications. This service allows you to keep in touch with your customers and increase their confidence and loyalty. Offer your customers better visibility throughout the delivery process

Thanks to this platform, you can considerably reduce customer service demands and inquiries, particularly in regards to delivery information. This tool also allows you to boost your sales rate thanks to marketing content that can be added to delivery notifications.

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Boxia is a tool that allows online retailers to inform their customers in real-time throughout the delivery process and therefore reduce the number of calls and e-mails to their after-sales service by up to 40%. Boost your customer satisfaction with a unique and effortless delivery experience. Contact us now for more information or to see a live demo of our platform!

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