Why is packaging important in e-commerce?

The effort put into packaging has become an essential element in the world of e-commerce. Read this article to find out how and why you should take care of it…

What is good e-commerce packaging?

While at first glance this may seem like a detail, the reality is that packaging is becoming increasingly important in e-commerce. More than just a protection for your product, it can really help boost sales and build customer loyalty. It’s a way to create a unique experience and provoke an emotion that will have a positive impact on the buyer.

To provide good packaging:

  • Make sure you choose personalised packaging that promotes your brand;
  • Choose sustainable solutions and avoid over-packaging;
  • Adapt the package to your product. For example, a glass bottle or a mirror will require a sturdy box;
  • Remember to pamper your customers by including thank you notes and/or samples.

How can packaging increase your sales?

From a marketing point of view, this phenomenon has become a strategic element in e-commerce. More and more online shops are using packaging to surprise their customers and incite them to talk about their products on social media.

First impressions count!

When a customer purchases from an online shop for the first time, they don’t know what to expect.

A parcel that arrives in a damaged package can lead to disappointment.. and a disappointing first impression sets the tone, making it more difficult for you to grow customer loyalty.

In addition to improving your packaging, don’t forget to use Boxia to guarantee a smooth delivery with an excellent delivery tracking service.

A successful customer experience

More and more brands are using packaging to create an unforgettable customer experience. Unboxing videos (i.e. unpacking products) are very popular on the internet. Marketers have quickly understood that opening a package should be experienced much like opening a gift.

A customer who is won over as soon as he opens the package is likely to order again on your site. Better still, in some cases, they may share a video or photo of the package on social networks. Improving this area will give you more of a chance to build customer loyalty and gain online visibility.

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