How to increase sales with UX and UI design?

The user experience, also known as UX, is an essential part of any e-commerce site. Keep on reading to find out how to create a user-friendly experience, avoid shopping cart abandonment and boost sales..

1. Smooth online navigation

Studies have shown that complex e-commerce sites that are difficult to navigate tend to discourage buyers. It is therefore important to create a simple and straightforward menu for a smoother user experience. Don’t forget to add a search bar so that potential buyers can search for a product.

2. Add categories

Add categories to your e-commerce site with a clear hierarchy to improve online navigation. This will allow customers to scroll and access pages easily without having to go through several pages.

3. Add filters

Another great tip to improve UX is by adding filters. Customers usually know what they are looking for, make it easier for them to find the right product by creating relevant filters. This will ultimately push customers to browse through your website.

4. Fast checkout and payment

A complicated checkout process can discourage customers and ultimately cost you sales. Avoiding unnecessary steps is key to improving your cart abandonment rate. For example, studies show that obliging customers to create an account actually lowers sales.

5. Improve the UI design of you e-commerce site

The UI Design, or User Interface Design, is just as important as the user experience. By working on the UI of your e-commerce site, designers will create an attractive visual universe that makes navigation pleasant. In particular, they should focus on:

  • making sure that colours match with your brand identity
  • creating a visual hierarchy for a user-friendly experience
  • improving design and style to better adapt to customer demand

Improving the UI and UX aspects of you e-commerce site is an efficient way to boost sales.

While user experience is important in e-commerce, it is not enough to satisfy a buyer. Once an order has been placed, it is up to you to provide quality customer service. To do so, Boxia offers delivery tracking solutions that allows your customers to be informed in real time.

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